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Daddy Plays CD’s, using real acoustic instruments #Review

 A Great Review at www.terrislittlehaven.com I Love this CD, it is the acoustic version of all the lullabies I loved singing to my kids when they were just itty bitty, with a couple of original compositions thrown in there. The guitar is so soothing; enough to aid in relaxing Chloe so that she is able to fall asleep, even if she is well past being tired. You can find this CD on Amazon for $14.99

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Daddy Plays Rad Tunes For Baby

Review From www.agourahillsmom.com …I recently discovered “Daddy Plays Acoustic Rock Lullabies,” which is a compilation of rock and roll hits recorded as sleepytime tracks to lull babies to sleep without boring the head off the parent and/or killing additional brain cells…

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