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Lullaby, Why?

Lullabies have been around for a long time. So long in fact that we don’t really know who composed them. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Itsy Bitsy spider, This Old Man and many others are simply classified as “Traditional”. So, how did these songs come about? The only answer I can come up with is drawn from my own experience as a parent. Putting a newborn baby to sleep is not easy, and if you are a parent, you know you will do any thing to get that baby to stop crying and go to sleep. Rocking, tapping, running water, turning on the dishwasher, humming, singing, middle of the night car rides…any thing goes. In this context of lullabies, most fascinating is the vocal part. Always something repetitive and basic …a chanting like loop designed to almost hypnotize the baby and help them relax and sleep. “…Another possible origin of music … Continue reading

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Daddy Plays: Guitar Lullabies Review and Giveaway on thriftyniftymommy.blogspot.com

Daddy Plays: Guitar Lullabies Review and Giveaway on thriftyniftymommy.blogspot.com …Let me just start by saying this: Last night I climbed into bed with my laptop with the intent on getting this review written. I popped the CD into my laptop so I could listen to it as I was typing and fell asleep before the second song was over. This is the most peaceful, soothing lullaby CD we own! I LOVE it! Although she can’t talk and actually tell me this herself yet, I believe that Maggie really likes it too. It seems to settle her down really well. I would definitely, highly recommend this CD! …

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Birth Of The Beat

Birth of the beat Music’s roots may lie in melodic exchanges between mothers and babies By Bruce Bower (originally published on www.sciencenews.org) At scientific meetings, psycho-biologist Colwyn Trevarthen often plays a video of a 5-month-old Swedish girl giving her mother a musical surprise. Blind from birth, the girl reaches for a bottle and laughs appreciatively as her mother launches into a familiar song about feeding blueberries to a bear. As in baby songs everywhere, Trevarthen says, each line of the Swedish tune runs about four seconds and each stanza lasts about 20. In a flash, the girl raises her left arm — an arm she has never seen — and begins conducting her mother’s performance. The baby, named Maria, moves her arm just before many of the song’s lines begin, leading her mother by about one-third of a second. In some cases, Maria synchronizes her hand movements with the rise … Continue reading

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From Crib To Car Seat

She is now two and a half…. 8:30am… circle time is at 9:00am, can I make it on time? Is it important?…. Can I push her out the door in 20 min or should I let her indulge in a thousand and one distractions and be calm about it? She wants her “blue candy” we got for her yesterday, it’s resting on her “black chair” next to her crib. I give it to her. “You want a bottle baby?” “I do it.” “But Aba already made your bottle.”…. She starts crying. “No, I do it.” I take her out of her crib…. “I wanna walk.” “O.k.” I empty out a third of the bottle and we fill it up together. I give her the nipple cap. “Clean it.” It’s clean but I wash it for her anyway. We screw it on together; there is eternal happiness in her eyes when … Continue reading

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